RDS Process

Most people have never gone through this process and may never do it again. RDS tries to make the process as simple and painless as possible. We will need a few documents from you to start the ball rolling. Outlined below is the basic process and what we need.

1. Metes and Bounds

We will need a legible copy of either your metes and bounds or survey of the property. Please note, Montgomery County requires a copy of metes and bounds if the property is not located in a subdivision. If the property is located in a recorded neighborhood, a survey is not required (provide a copy of the neighborhood plat).

2. Site Plan

We will need a general idea of how you plan to layout your property (i.e. house location, well location, driveway, pool, outbuildings, etc.) The more information you can provide; the better. The last thing you want to do is go through this process again because you need to move your system in a couple of years in order to install a new pool.

3. House Plans

We need a copy of the house plans including all floors of the home.  A hand drawing is perfectly fine as long as it has exterior dimensions.

4. Signed County Documents

We can email you the appropriate documents to sign or you can find them under the resources tab.

After we receive all of the above documentation we will begin the process:

Site Evaluation

We will make a trip to your property and do a few things.  We need to evaluate the soil to see what type of system is most appropriate for your home.  This is done by a state license Site Evaluator.  Also we look for any issues, like neighboring wells or septic systems.


Designing your system

Based on information you have provided for the site plan, and information we have gathered during the site evaluation, we will utilize Auto-CAD to draft the necessary documents required to submit to the counties for your septic permit.  All designs must be signed off by a state licensed Registered Sanitarian.

Permitting your system

This is where RDS shines.  We have extensive experience with most of the counties in the gulf coast area.  Having pulled hundreds of permits with each county, we have experience with each counties specific needs and have personal knowledge of the officials.  In many counties, we can pull your building / development permits as well as your septic permits.  If you desire, you can also pull your own permits.   At this time, Washington and Austin Counties require permits to be pulled by the homeowners only.


Once you receive the permits from RDS, you can have the installer of your choice install your system.  If you have any questions, we will still be here to help.  Changes can still be made to your system.  Just ask your installer to make the changes, and they will provide us with an as-built.  We make the appropriate changes to your files and forward them to the county officials.